Bindi Irwin Brings Fun to SeaWorld and Generation Nature as a Youth Ambassador

Bindi and a beluga. Photo: SeaWorld Parks

Bindi and a beluga.
Photo: PRNewsFoto/©SeaWorld Parks

Who better to bring a bit of fun to the learning process than the daughter of one of the most fun conservationists to ever stick his hand in a croc’s mouth? Bindi Irwin, daughter of Terri Irwin and the late Steve Irwin, has just announced her partnership with SeaWorld as a youth ambassador.

Bindi, a globally recognized animal conservationist, will be leading the next generation of conservationists and animal lovers through Generation Nature, a new initiative through SeaWorld Kids. Generation Nature (GenN) encourages kids to explore nature and connect with animals to become game changers for the world. With an emphasis on the important role that kids play in the future of our world, Generation Nature is a positive movement that is all about making a difference through youth, energy, action, and FUN. It is meant to inspire their efforts and change the way kids look at, and act upon, conservation and the environment.

GenN is a multimedia engagement platform where kids can participate in environmentally responsible activities, share their actions, and become educated and empowered to serve as game changers for animals and nature. Launched on March 6, 2014, GenN includes a website, digital apps, video blogs, online games, activities, and monthly challenges. GenN can be accessed through the SeaWorld Kids website.

How do Monthly Challenges on GenN work?

Kids and their families are given a conservation challenge and can log their actions online to earn badges and points and see their impact on the world. For each point earned, kids can direct money that SeaWorld gives to help save wildlife and wild places. SeaWorld will donate to the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, and kids can choose what programs the money goes to supports – such as conserving cheetahs or saving penguins in the wild.


Turtle Trek at SeaWorld Orlando.
Photo: ©SeaWorld Parks

March Monthly Challenge

Sea turtles are at center stage in GenN’s inaugural month of March. There is a calendar that includes a video blog from Bindi about the obstacles these animals face. Since many sea turtles are affected by pollution, and nearly all waterways throughout the world are connected, the March GenN Conservation Challenge is to help “clean your world.” Families are being asked to send in pictures of the oddest item they find during their clean-up. User-generated content will be showcased online at the end of March.

Bindi, SeaWorld, and me

I’m very excited about Bindi Irwin’s partnership with SeaWorld. I think she’ll bring a whirlwind of energy to the SeaWorld brand and GenN. If you’ve ever seen the TV show “Bindi the Jungle Girl,” you’ll also know that she has an insane amount of energy.

In case you don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook (for shame!), I’ve recently been chosen as a 2014 Busch Gardens/Water Country USA Ambassador Blogger. We are collectively known as “Thrill Chasers.” How cool is that name? You can check out all of my official Busch Gardens posts at Since SeaWorld is the parent company, I kinda feel like Bindi and I are co-workers. Yeah, I know we aren’t really, but I like to think it.

Rescue SeaWorld cares for an orphan manatee. Photo: SeaWorld Parks

Rescue SeaWorld cares for an orphan manatee.
Photo: ©SeaWorld Parks

Fun Resources and Activities

  • Visit for lots of games, videos, activities, and ideas on how your youngsters can explore the world around them. The site is designed around SeaWorld’s philosophy that the more that kids and families understand about animals, the more they’ll do to protect them. SeaWorld Kids is aimed at ages 12 and younger, but I have had an infinite amount of fun perusing it myself. And I’m much older than 12.
  • TV shows like “Sea Rescue” and the “Wildlife Docs” are another great way to introduce kids to the world of animals. “Sea Rescue” tells the story of the rescue, rehab, and release of sick or injured marine animals by the SeaWorld Rescue Team and partner organizations. “Wildlife Docs” explores  behind-the-scenes with the veterinarians, technicians, and trainers of exotic animals at Busch Gardens Tampa.
  • Check out Generation Nature on Instagram.
  • Download a fun new educational app and activities about each month’s animal. For March, the app is “Ocean Tales: Turtles, Sharks and Dolphins.” It features books, games, puzzles, pictures, and videos. The app is available for download on iTunes.
Prepping rescued Gulfport oil spill turtles for release. Photo: SeaWorld Parks

Prepping rescued Gulfport oil spill turtles for release.
Photo: ©SeaWorld Parks


Manatee at SeaWorld Orlando.

Manatee at SeaWorld Orlando.

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