Disney Cruise Line: New Caribbean Cruising Destinations for 2016

My various versions of a “happy place” have just collided in a big tropical way. The fun and adventure of Walt Disney World and the tranquility and relaxation of crystal clear Caribbean waters … What could be better than that? Disney Cruise Line has just introduced two new Caribbean destinations – Tortola, capital of the […]

Win a Walt Disney World Vacation Through TakeMeFishing.org’s Phineas & Ferb Reel in the Fun’Sweepstakes

“Hey Ferb, I know what we’re gonna do today.” Who isn’t familiar with that line? Everybody’s favorite adventure-loving brothers are ready to give some lucky soul the trip of a lifetime. The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) has partnered with the Walt Disney Company to bring the fun of recreational boating and fishing to […]

Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation brings ‘Take Me Fishing’ campaign to Walt Disney World Resort

Projects, assignments, and family vacation time have made me MIA for the past couple of weeks. Those are all good things, and you can check out one of the fun adventures I’ve been on by clicking right here. After completing my various projects, I realized that I had so many press releases and cool news […]

‘It’s a Small World’ and ‘Carousel of Progress’ poster art t-shirts from the Disney Store

This is going to be a short and sweet post, but I just can’t pass up wishing a happy birthday to two of my favorite attractions in the World. It’s no secret that I am a big fan of Disney’s ‘It’s a Small World’ attraction. I’ve written about it and even have the happy song […]

Sun Protection Tips: SolEscapes Packable Sun Hats

Whether you’re sightseeing, strolling around a resort or cruise ship, or spending the day at the pool, beach, or water park, it is crucial to protect your skin and eyes on sunny (or even not so sunny) days. This, of course, means sunscreen. And lots of it. Add a cute sun hat and you’ve got […]

Celebrate Your Super Disney Side with a Walt Disney World Vacation in 2014

My favorite Super Bowl ad is always the one where some revered player says “I’m going to Disney World! (or Land as the case may be). The folks at Disney sure know what they’re doing because that is always the time of year that I most want to be in a Disney park or resort. […]

Five ‘Fs’ for Fitness

Reebok’s motto (according to the little hang tag thingy on my most recent purchase) says “Find your own fitness.” I like that. Whether we’re into fitness for the fun of it, for health reasons, or for the competitive spirit, and regardless of whether we’re running, bicycling, jogging, walking, or swimming, we are up and moving. […]

Walt Disney World Resort and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Present the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend

What could be better than getting to run through a Disney theme park? How about having fun, getting fit, meeting all kinds of great people and helping kids while doing it? That is exactly what Walt Disney World Resort (WDWR) and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH) have created with the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend. […]

Waterpark Recap: Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

In all the years that we’ve made the migration to Walt Disney World (starting before the child was even born), and trekked our way around all of the parks many times over, we’ve never been to any of the water parks. On last summer’s trip to the Sunshine State, we decided to amend this overt […]

Show Your Disney Side with a Vine Video

I don’t often delve into Disney happenings in my columns. Mainly because there are already so many great sites devoted to the Disney parks (I’ve listed some of them at the end of this article). Every once in a while, I might give my opinions on a cool product or one of the resorts … or a restaurant […]

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