InterventionCon 2013: Boost your Creative Side and take it Online


Photo: InterventionCon

Want to become a better blogger or public speaker? How about mastering belly dancing, learning the basics of Manga Studio 5 or brushing up on knitting and cooking skills? What about learning drawing techniques from a bona-fide Disney Imagineer? Well, you can do all of that and much, much more at InterventionCon 2013. InterventionCon takes place at the Hilton, Washington D.C./Rockville August 23-25, 2013.

What is InterventionCon you might be asking? I’m glad you asked because it is only the coolest and most creative convention around. Whether you’re a creative soul, a techy geek or a regular Jane or Joe just looking for something new, you will probably find it at InterventionCon even if you’re not looking. But I suggest you pay attention and look because this sounds like a super fun and informative event.

This three-day event of education, performances and parties was created from the simple premise of Internet + Convention = Intervention. Pretty cool, huh? InterventionCon is a family-friendly conference, gaming and art fest, and the premier showcase for online creativity. Co-founded by Onezumi Hartstein and James Harknell, InterventionCon brings together artists, musicians, filmmakers, bloggers, cartoonists, crafters, authors and various DIY experts to show and teach others what they do and how you can do it too.

The event’s co-founder, Onezumi Hartstein, said …

“James Harknell and I wanted to put together an event that would empower people to take control of their lives by going DIY with the Internet and to showcase those who have done so already. We feel that the Internet is the present and the future. This is the event for the Internet generation.”

Described as “Woodstock for geeks,” the fourth annual InterventionCon is a mix of all kinds of creative genres, including webcomics, blogs, podcasts, videos and more. Its goal is to Intervene and Inspire the whole family to realize their creative and technological spirits. A broad range of guest speakers will be featured. In keeping with the focus of the convention, all of the speakers are creators who have made a name for themselves by using the online world of the Internet to build their fan base.

Guest speakers include Mark Frauenfelder, founder of the online site BoingBoing and Editor-in-Chief of MAKE magazine, Ex-Disney/Nickelodeon animator Raul Aguirre Jr., Paul Sabourin of the music group “Paul and Storm” will be on panels and workshops and Pete Abrams of the webcomic Sluggy Freelance, along with many other art and comics professionals.

Photo: InterventionCon

Photo: InterventionCon

Just a few of the InverventionCon 2013 presentations, workshops and events:

  • For the Love of Cartoons
  • 50 Years of the Doctor
  • How to Make Money in Webcomics
  • Kickstart my Art
  • It’s All about the Villain
  • Astrology and Tarot as Writing Tools
  • Blogging for Fun and Profit
  • Kid’s Crafts
  • Costume Contest
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Contracts
  • Disney Drawing Secrets Workshop with Raul Aguirre Jr.
  • Live music and movies
  • Artist Alley/Vendor Room
  • Live action role playing
  • Giveaways

There will be a charity auction to benefit the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an international non-profit digital advocacy group that helps to defend civil liberties in the digital space.

One very special guest speaker, and the one that I would love to listen to, is ex-Disney Imagineer and Nickelodeon animator Raul Aguirre Jr. Aguirre spent 19 years as a writer, artist, animator, director and cartoonist, and was the only protégé of Disney Imagineer legend Glen Keane. His work includes “Tarzan,” “Treasure Island,” “Pocahontas” and many more Disney productions. He will share his secrets for getting motivated, finding inspiration, being passionate and never giving up (hey, that sounds like the premise of InterventionCon itself). Aguirre will also be talking about Disney, Nickelodeon and classic cartoons.

Raul Aguirre’s presentation is titled “So, you wanna be an artist? Raul Aguirre Jr., ask me anything.” What would you ask?

For more inspiring and entertaining information on art, animation and comics, check out Raul Aguirre’s website at Man vs. Art.

Details and Links

Prices for InterventionCon 2013:

  • At door full weekend: $45
  • At door Friday: $20
  • At door Saturday: $25
  • At door Sunday: $15
  • Children 12 and under are free when accompanied by a con registered parent/guardian.

I unfortunately won’t be able to attend InterventionCon 2013, but please let me know if you go. I’m really curious to know what you would ask Raul Aguirre Jr.

InterventionCon co-founders Onezumi Hartstein and James Harknell also have the very cool job of reviewing haunted attractions. Check out their adventures at


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