Pondering Paddleboarding

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

The art of Stand-Up Paddleboarding – Photo Credit: Flickr/CC/Madmarv00

I’ve been thinking about trying stand-up paddleboarding for a while now.  That graceful image of balancing atop a big board while floating across the water keeps drifting through my mind.  No odd-shaped balls to catch, no chance of being pummeled by said odd-shaped ball and no muscle-y teammates to deal with (I have bad memories of high school gym class … but then, who among us doesn’t?).  So, in all aspects, the perfect sport for me, right?

I do have a couple of really good reasons for wanting to embark upon this increasingly popular and peaceful past-time … 1.)  It looks really fun.  2.)  Jimmy Buffett does it and really, if Buffett does it we all should be doing it.  3.)  I take  yoga; how hard can it be?

I will be in the Outer Banks a couple of times over the summer and hope to take in a lesson or two at Kitty Hawk Kites.  Stay tuned for an update in the coming weeks.  Oh, and wish me luck.  I have a feeling I’m going to need it.


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