Putting the Pedal to the Metal

I rarely make New Year’s resolutions (due to the fact that I rarely keep New Year’s resolutions), but this year I decided to go ahead and do it.  In addition to the “exercise more and eat less” ones, I made a concrete one that I actually stand a chance of completing.  It also puts me closer to crossing off an entry on my Sand Bucket List. Yes, I call it a “sand” bucket list.  It fits my theme.  And it’s cuter that way.

My resolution was to bike the Virginia Capital Trail (VCT), which is a paved biking, running and walking trail that, when complete in 2014, will stretch 55 miles along Rt. 5 between Richmond and Williamsburg, Virginia.  Some sections are already complete.

What an appropriate photo for me. Photo credit: Flickr/cc license/Pierre Olivier

What an appropriate photo for me.
Photo credit: Flickr/cc license/Pierre Olivier

This Saturday, May 11, I’m going to ride in the Cap2Cap bike ride, which takes place along the trail and is designed to raise funds for completion and upkeep of the VCT.  Named for the Colonial capital and the current capital, the Cap2Cap starts in either Richmond or Williamsburg (depending upon where you choose to start), loops around and returns to where it started.

Considered a ride, not a race, there are a couple of different distances that riders can choose from – a 25, a 50 and a 100-mile section. The 100-mile one loops all the way around between RVA and W’Burg.  There is also a 15-mile version that takes place on a completed section of the Trail near Jamestown, and that is the one I’m doing.  The other rides do go off onto sections of the open road and I did not feel comfortable with that.  I also didn’t want to ride 25 miles.  There, I said it.

Right now, I’m feeling pretty good about the whole thing, which is good because I’ve already paid and can’t back out now.  I’ve never ridden that far before, but I am going to give it a try.  Last year at this time I never would have even considered it.  So that’s progress, right?  Maybe some day I’ll even do the 100-mile ride.  Some day.  Maybe…

Anyway, I am excited.  Wish me luck.  Check back for the post ride report.

Will anybody else be there?






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