My Quest for Comfort with Vanity Fair and ‘Women Who Do’

This post is brought to you by Vanity Fair lingerie and BlogHer. Honestly, I don’t know how all of those historic women managed to do all they did with the sadistic undergarments they wore back then. Tight corsets and even tighter bustiers with a bra-zillion buttons and strings … I can barely boil water without […]

InterventionCon 2013: Boost your Creative Side and take it Online

Want to become a better blogger or public speaker? How about mastering belly dancing, learning the basics of Manga Studio 5 or brushing up on knitting and cooking skills? What about learning drawing techniques from a bona-fide Disney Imagineer? Well, you can do all of that and much, much more at InterventionCon 2013. InterventionCon takes […]

‘Blog Every Day in May’ day 9: A Moment in my Day

I am back for day nine (well, technically it’s day two for me, but I’m not into technicalities so ignore that).  Today’s topic is “a moment in my day.”  Since “a moment” is a pretty relative term, I’m going to share a really cute flowering plant I found for Mother’s Day. This will be the […]

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