Take the Busch Gardens quiz and find out “What’s your thrill type?”

Busch Gardens is asking its fans a few very important questions. If you think you’re the ultimate roller coaster fanatic, now is your chance to make it official. The park has created a quiz to help you determine, once and for all, “What’s your thrill type?” If you feel the need for speed, you might […]

Theme Park News and Announcements 2015: Busch Gardens, Kings Dominion, and Universal Orlando

Maybe because it’s National Tourism Week, or maybe I’m just paying more attention than normal, but there are all kinds of interesting announcements coming from the theme park world lately. From partnerships between competing parks to reduced tickets and major brand partnership announcements, it has been a newsy couple of days. Granted, I live for […]

Waterpark Recap: Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

In all the years that we’ve made the migration to Walt Disney World (starting before the child was even born), and trekked our way around all of the parks many times over, we’ve never been to any of the water parks. On last summer’s trip to the Sunshine State, we decided to amend this overt […]

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