Welcome to Somewhere in the Sand. Thanks for stopping by. I am a freelance writer with an affinity for travel, photography, travel photography and beach-related reading, writing and relaxing (notice I didn’t mention ‘rithmetic in that trio – there’s a reason). I write on all sorts of subjects and travel to all sorts of places with the two companions that make up our crazy trio. We frequent Florida theme parks, Virginia sites, mountain lakes, off-beat tourist attractions and bicycle trails, but gravitate towards the sand and sea as much as possible.

My writing covers many types of terrain – mountain peaks, city streets, pine-lined trails and the wonder and magic of theme parks (pixies and pirates and all that) – but in the end, my inspiration is usually found “somewhere in the sand” (that would be how the name came about, by the way). I also have a huge respect for marine conservation, the rescue and rehabilitation of marine animals and the volunteers and experts that do such things on a day-to-day basis.

Not one for fancy-schmancy-ness (sure, it’s a word), I am perfectly happy to be sitting in the sand with bare feet and a cool, fruity drink. Add a palm tree or a colorful umbrella to ward away the harmful rays. Yes, they’re out there, don’t forget the sunscreen.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy living and writing it. Pull up a palm tree and follow along on my coastal excursions, marine moments and otherwise sunny scenarios.

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