It’s All in the Bag

I have a confession to make.  I’m a bit of a bag lady.  No, not that kind.  I mean literally, bags. As in those fabric-covered treasure chests in which to stuff all of the various junk deeply important items that I think know I will need at any given time.  Not one for shoe shopping (that alone keeps the spouse happy), I can’t resist scooping up the latest pretty print in the form of a beach bag, travel tote, shoulder bag or cute cosmetic case.

Of course, I have my go-to bag for quick trips to the pool or water park, and ones for longer beach trips, but there is always room in the bag basket for at least one or two (or three or four) more.  This is my current go-to beach bag, just throw a few things in and you’re ready to go.  Of course, I also have one with multiple pockets and a gigantic interior for towels, goggles, cover-ups and such but this one is tried and true.

This is my current all-around go everywhere type of bag.  You can't go wrong with Margaritaville.

This is my current all-around go everywhere type of bag. You can’t go wrong with Margaritaville.

Given that I also have a big, and I’m talking BIG, theme park obsession, this latest round of bags I’ve discovered is now at the top of my “must acquire” list.

Dooney and Disney

The Dooney & Bourke company was one of the first to get in on the Walt Disney bandwagon  with their well-known name, high-quality materials and pricey price tag.  Dooney certainly does Disney well.  Take a look.

Dooney does Disney well.

Photo: Dooney & Bourke

Dooney & Bourke Mickey tote ©Dooney & Bourke

Dooney & Bourke Mickey tote
©Dooney & Bourke

I especially love this design and bag style.

Dppmeu & Bourke Disney satchel ©Dooney & Bourke

Dooney & Bourke Disney satchel
©Dooney & Bourke

This cute letter carrier bag is tied as a favorite, as well.  What’s not to love about Chip and Dale?

Disney Dooney & Bourke letter carrier bag ©Dooney & Bourke

Disney Dooney & Bourke letter carrier bag
©Dooney & Bourke

Being the paranoiac that I am, I don’t know if I would trust myself to spend a day at the theme park carrying around one of those super cool, but super pricey, Dooney bags.  Water rides, slippery snacks and the chance of rain would all but have me worrying more about protecting the bag than having fun in the World (or Land as the case may be).  I would probably reserve it for a special occasion.  That being said, there is another great looking bag in town that I am currently drooling over.

LeSportsac Love

LeSportsac has a very happy version of Disney in their “Small World” collection.  Based upon the classic ride and the artwork of Mary Blair, the patterns are taken from the various countries, or rooms, of the ride and feature colorful scenes, ride icons and architectural elements.  It’s a Small World is my favorite ride/attraction at Walt Disney World (Yes, really, it’s my ring tone.  Don’t judge), so I am particularly fond of these bags, which are a bit lower priced than the Dooney ones.

Photo: ©Lesportsac

LeSportsac Well Wishes bag                                                                                      Photo: ©Lesportsac

Well Wishes is based upon the Holland room.  Happy young ladies peer out from pretty pink and pastel toned fabrics.

LeSportsac Well Wishes tote with charm. Photo: ©LeSportsac

LeSportsac Well Wishes tote with charm.
Photo: ©LeSportsac

I am actually torn between the girly pink pattern above and the one below.  I really like the iconic buildings and architectural elements depicted on the tote below.  I can definitely see myself using this as a beach bag or carry-on for books, sunscreen, snacks and what-not.

Lesportsac See the World tote Photo: ©Lesportsac

LeSportsac See the World tote
Photo: ©LeSportsac

The Fancy That pattern is from the England room of Small World.  The pattern features famous English icons and scenes.


Fancy That bag Photo: ©LeSportsac

Fancy That bag
Photo: ©Disney/LeSportsac

I love this bright, colorful Moroccan Sun pattern. It is, however, from the summer 2012 collection and is most likely not easy to find.  I just had to include it though.  You can also get an idea of what the backpack models look like.

Morrocan Sun backpack Photo: ©Disney/LeSportsac

Morrocan Sun backpack
Photo: ©Disney/LeSportsac

There is even a LeSportsac Small World diaper bag for the well-traveled baby and mom.

Wondrous Journey baby bag ©LeSportsac

Wondrous Journey baby bag
Photo: ©Disney/LeSportsac

“It’s a Small World” debuted at the 1964 New York World’s Fair, along with the Carousel of Progress, which is another of my favorite rides, but that’s a whole other post.  Small World was created by Walt Disney as a tribute to UNICEF, the love of children and dreams of a better future for all.  In honor of that original message, Disney will make a donation to UNICEF with the purchase of LeSportsac “Small World” products.  Each bag is also adorned with a special hang tag that tells the history of the original attraction and its connection to UNICEF.  Now if that’s not a reason to purchase one for myself, I don’t know what is.

Robert Oberschelp, director of Disney Collection, Disney Consumer Products, said

“Our collaboration with LeSportsac pays homage to the magical experience of “it’s a small world” while continuing the legacy of the message behind one of Disney’s most beloved theme park attractions.  Walt Disney’s vision is as powerful and true today as it was when he first shared it with the world.”

There is a great review of the LeSportsac Small World bags at  Check it out.

The World of Vera Bradley

Next up is the big bag announcement of the week.  This was all the rage in my Facebook news feed the other day.  Yeah, I subscribe to a lot of Disney blogs, sites and pages.  It’s a weakness.  Now, without further ado….

It is none other than Vera Bradley, the queen of the widely popular and equally beautiful quilted bag.  Disney and Vera have joined forces, and these fabric designs will eventually be found in the form of the usual selection of Vera Bradley bags, totes, pouches and cosmetic cases.

Photo: ©Vera Bradley

Disney and Vera Bradley team up to bring a bit of  the World to the quilted bag.          Photo: ©Vera Bradley

Here is a close-up of the pattern.  I wish they had done more of a “Hidden Mickey” type of design with the pattern, but that is just my opinion.  The colors are great and I can’t wait to see the completed product.

Pink design: Black design: Midnight with Mickey Photo: ©Vera Bradley

Pink design: Just Mousing Around
Black design: Midnight with Mickey
Photo: ©Vera Bradley

Visit the Disney Park’s blog for more detailed information on the Vera Bradley Disney bag, which will debut this fall at Disney parks and will eventually be sold online.  I have not seen any information on price point but I’m thinking that they will be along the lines of the current Vera Bradley items.

That is my roundup of Disney-themed bags.  Please let me know if you know of any that I have missed, including non-Disney characters and patterns.  I’m always on the look-out for a useful and great looking bag.

Carry on.



  1. I have never seen the small world bags, I love them!!!


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